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Personnel Recruitment

We cross-sectorally provides qualified services for flexible job and staff solutions within the scope of the supply of temporary workers as well as staff and freelancer recruiting. We find the applicants that really match your company!

Our Offers – Your Possibilities

Supply of Temporary Workers

With our supply of temporary workers you will find reliable, suitable, qualified and flexible specialists and managers from the IT, engineering and commercial sector for your requirements. We assign exactly those employees to your company that complete your team professionally and personally and thus guarantee your company’s success.

Your Advantages

  • Matching of applicants’ profiles to your given profile of requirements
  • Determination of the assignment’s duration by your company
  • Reduction of costs regarding personnel recruitment, personnel selection and hiring: you are only billed the actually performed working hours of our employees

Staff Recruitment

Within the scope of staff recruiting, we non-bindingly look for highly qualified staff for direct hire according to your requirements.

Your Advantages

  • Quick and custom-fit allocation of vacancies
  • Competent choice of applicants’ profiles
  • No recruiting efforts for your company
  • Costs for your company only incur after having successfully hired an applicant

Freelancer Recruitment

Within the scope of freelancer recruiting, we help you find highly qualified specialists working as freelancers for your company for the duration of your projects.

Your Advantages

  • Responsibility for the freelancers during the entire recruiting process as well as the duration of a project lies with us
  • Costs for your company only incur with the first working hour of a placed freelancer
  • Maximum flexibility for your company
  • Highest level of protection from fake self-employment

Why You Should Choose Us

Quick and custom-fit allocation of vacancies and upcoming projects

Professional calls for projects

Competent selection of applicants’ profiles

Huge pool of matching applicants’ profiles

Designated contact person

Experience of many years in the personnel recruitment sector

Customer focus: We prefer face-to-face contact!