IT Projects Smartly Realized

IT Project Management by HWS

We offer qualified IT project management from planning to implementation with state-of-the-art technologies and tools up to quality assurance and control. Due to agile structures it is possible for us to react to changing requirements at any time.

What Distinguishes Us

Agile Project Management…

…on the basis of Scrum. This means for you:

  • Transparency

    A project’s progression can be accessed by all project parties concerned at all times by using state-of-the-art project management tools.

  • Review

    Project progress is surveyed by all project teams at regular time intervals.

  • Adjustment

    Project development reacts flexibly to changing requirements.

How We Work

  • Step 1

    Participation in creating the functional specification document

  • Step 2

    Consultation regarding choice and planning of the system architecture

  • Step 3

    Implementation of the system and continuous quality assurance together with the client

  • Step 4

    Documented delivery of the project


  • IT project team leaders with many years of experience…

    …who stand at your disposal as single point of contact from the start till the end of a project. At the same time, they act as a connecting link between you and the respective project teams.

  • Permanently employed junior and senior developers

    All project team members have long-term experience. The size of our teams can be flexibly expanded at all times.

  • Know-how stays with us for many years

    Our trainees are integrated into the project teams at a very early stage. Thus, our knowledge and experience will be available for you even after the conclusion of a project.

  • Fast communication

    Our project teams are based in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg. This way you can come and see us personally anytime.

  • Use of state-of-the-art technology

    We use JavaEE, PKI, LDAP, Angular JS or C#; furthermore we develop apps for Android and iOS.