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We stand for innovative and future-proof software development solutions and technologies particularly in the IT security sector. With our easy-to-use and high-performant software applications we guarantee the highest level of security for your business processes.

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Security Software DoubleClue

DoubleClue – Flexible Multi-Factor Authentication

No matter if the security of websites, applications, payment portals or the remote access to internal networks is concerned – with DoubleClue, HWS Gruppe provides a fast, low maintenance and cost-effective MFA solution for the protection of valuable data and sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Next to user names and passwords, DoubleClue uses already existing devices (your smartphone, laptop, tablet) as additional factors to secure remote access.

DoubleClue identifies the digital DNA of each device on the basis of a validity check determined by the software before granting access to enterprise resources and applications.

The combination of a unique digital device DNA with user name and password constitutes the additional layer of access security which is needed to protect sensitive data most effectively.