OS Support

/IT Operations

Operating systems make machines accessible to people and thus form the interface between users and hardware. Besides, they control the operating sequence of all installed applications and enable the use of other external and machine-inherent resources.

The need for an operating system applies to work computers and mobile devices as well as to servers. With the end of the support for Windows Server 2008 and Linux Redhat companies had to move to a newer OS to keep the security standards for their business-critical machines.

Improve your machine productivity

It is essential to keep your OS up to date. Not just to increase the security of your machine – may it be your employee’s PC or your servers – it also increases the performance of the devices. That means: Your machines work faster and you lose less time waiting for a machine-response. That means higher productivity standards through higher on-time. And you know: Time is money.

Therefore we at HWS are providing you full OS support from A to Z, designing the environment from scratch as well as continuous maintenance of the current environment, depending on the customer requirements. We take care of the implementation of the predefined updates and system changes. You can fully rely on our certified engineers with proven and long-term experience. That includes also new or non-standard changes to the systems, which will be proactively discussed with and approved by the customer before rolling out and implementing them.


  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Linux RedHat 7
  • Linux RedHat 8


  • Environment design
  • Deployment, Setup, Configuration of Operating system
  • Internet Information Services configuration and maintenance
  • Cluster configuration and maintenance
  • Monthly patching
  • Implement and maintain all infrastructure agents, like monitoring, system management, antivirus, end-point-protection, backup, license managent tools, etc.
  • 24/7 Monitoring of all servers
  • Regular Housekeeping
  • Improving Security
  • Cut down costs by using inhouse developed tools to automate and simplify daily tasks


All the good things come to an end! And so came the time to say goodbye to Windows 2008 and Linux Redhat 6 as they were no longer supported by Microsoft and Linux.

Therefore, we took a lead on the End of Life project which consisted of coordinating between the application teams, deploying new servers based on the requirements, and making the transition as smooth as possible without any downtimes. The application team will benefit from the better performance from the newest OS, Microsoft Windows 2019 or Linux RedHat 8, and most important is the improved security on the machines.