Monitoring Service

/IT Operations

In order to ensure a seamless day-to-day working life, the failure safety of the entire IT infrastructure is a priority. It must not only be possible to resolve a potential system failure, but it must also be proactively monitored on an ongoing basis. Live monitoring enables you to automatically analyse and visualise problems in a complex infrastructure at an early stage. The trend is moving more and more towards microservices. Individual monitoring tasks are outsourced to tools developed for this purpose. This makes the overall construct much more secure and efficient.

Failure-free work

Monitoring enables you to identify critical states or a worst case scenario of your hard- and software before they cause damage. Protect your core business and stabilze your system environment through early alerting via predefined channels. Also replace labour-intensive manual checks of your systems with active 24/7 monitoring tools and use your internal IT specialists for more business-critical processes.


  • System Center Operations Manager
  • System Center Configuration Manager
  • System Center Orchestrator
  • HPE System Insight Manager
  • HPE Insight Remote Support
  • HPE OneView
  • SysMAN SMS
  • Opsgenie
  • Messengers
  • Several Self-Developed tools


  • Automated monitoring and alerting with Managed Monitoring
  • Linking to other WBS services
  • Consulting and definition of requirements
  • Project management
  • Product-independent evaluation
  • Workshops and training
  • On-site implementations


When we took over the monitoring service of one of our clients, we were confronted with an infrastructure that was in an outdated state. The servers, as well as the databases, were in a technically poor condition.

Due to our activities we have been able to provide a monitoring solution which is reliable truly high available (close to no outages in the last years), offers precise monitoring without false-positives, covering the majority of the global server infrastructure.

We have been able to develop new features, covering automated diagnostics and issue resolution in order to even reduce the workload for the infra teams and keeping the environment in a good shape.

With the completely new designed environment, we created a baseline for further service improvement, including even better performance, further automation and other features.