Emulation products made by HWS


Terminal Emulations for IBM Mainframes
HWS J-Term and Terminal Edition offer quick and safe access to IBM legacy hosts systems like 3720 and 5250. Graphic user interfaces on-the-fly allow for an easy handling and a strong SSL/TSL encryption ensures highest security during data transfers.

HWS Terminal Edition and J-Term Emulations

HWS Terminal Edition is a native Microsoft application. The following emulations are available:

  • 3270 for IBM Mainframe
  • 5250 for IBM Midrange (As 400)
  • VT525 for Unix

HWS J-Term

The following emulations are available:

  • 3270 für IBM Mainframe
  • 5250 für IBM Midrange (As 400)
  • VT525 für Unix

All Highlights of the HWS emulation products at a glance

  • Security through encryption of the communication data via SSL, TLS or SSH
  • Graphical user interface for host applications via “GUI-on-the-fly”
  • Strong SSL encryption with up to 256 Bit key length
  • Encryption via SSH (for VT emulations optional with Enterprise Access)
  • File transfer via IND$FILE
  • Encrypted file transfer via secure FTP (SSH)
  • Support of IBM DYNAMIC Terminals
  • Monitor width and height can be configured freely (3270)
  • 132 row mode (3270/5250/VT)
  • Multi session support
  • Hard copy and host system printing via host application
  • Print via LU1 (SCS) and LU3 (DSC)
  • Print via escape sequences
  • GDDM graphik (3270) support
  • Makro recorder