Future viability and innovative strength

The complexity of IT infrastructures is constantly growing. Cloud solutions are only a click away for users, regardless of location. The simplicity of using cloud resources greatly enhances collaboration and workflow within your organisation, as well as interaction with your customers.

Boost your capacities

An elaborate, high-maintenance IT environment not only eats up money, but also ties up time and manpower. A decentralised cloud infrastructure with support from an external service provider saves you resources. Make your employees available for essential & time-consuming internal administrative tasks.

Keep up with your growth

Instead of being forced to rely on a one-sided complex hardware structure, the cloud infrastructure enables the dynamic transmission of resources and can be expanded or contracted accordingly. User administration, storage management or the performance of the computers can be adjusted in the wink of an eye. As a result, the IT infrastructure adapts dynamically to your constantly growing business requirements.

Dynamic and cost transparency

Own data centres and hardware constructs are often very expensive, especially in terms of investment and operating costs. Even hosted data centre infrastructures still require continuous replacement and expansion investments. A system failure can mean days of inability to work. With the cloud resources can be booked virtually and are available to you anytime. The HWS Monitoring Service gives you a transparent insight into all costs and provides the opportunity to stay financially flexible.