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With the new version DoubleClue Enterprise Management 2.5, HWS Gruppe focuses on an improved user experience and thus combines the highest security with the best performance.

Neustadt an der Aisch, 08.07.2021 – HWS Gruppe, a medium-sized provider of software development and IT services, announces the release of DoubleClue Enterprise Management (DCEM) 2.5. In addition to a completely redesigned user interface, the latest version of the identity protection solution brings secure and convenient single sign-on to all popular web applications and services and automation in the areas of file management and administration.

HWS Gruppe introduced DoubleClue 2018 as the German IAM solution for a successful digital trust strategy. The high functional scope in the area of identity security meets the requirements of modern companies of all sizes: in addition to multifactor authentication for logging in to different devices and services, DoubleClue brings an IAM with adaptive access policies as well as the central password manager DoubleClue PasswordSafe and the cloud data storage DoubleClue CloudSafe.

DoubleClue MyApplications: Single Sign-On for more efficient workflows

The latest version DCEM 2.5 focuses on improving the user experience as well as workflow management. Whereas IT security software solutions were previously considered an obstacle to workflow automation, single sign-on solutions offer an efficient way to support workflow and productivity management. At the same time, single sign-on protects digital identities during the login process.

“Today, IT security software must be able to do much more than ‘just’ provide security,” comments Marc Pantalone, Business Development Manager at HWS. “Rather, it must be able to support processes and workflows and increase employee productivity. Companies need software whose handling is intuitive and quick to learn. Only if a solution also offers added value in day-to-day work the acceptance for investment and use will increase among the management level as well as the workforce.”

Integration of popular third-party authenticator apps for uninterrupted login processes

DoubleClue MyApplications enables uninterrupted login processes by integrating popular third-party Authenticator apps. Users who already use an Authenticator app for two-factor authentication with PayPal, social media, or other services can integrate it in DoubleClue. The access to the one-time password required for identification is automated in the background after a successful setup in the DoubleClue MyApplications dashboard.

Developed with customers for customers

HWS Gruppe focuses on close customer feedback in the further development of the software solution.

“Only by also involving our customers in the further development of features we can deliver a product that meets the needs of the market without compromise,” adds Emanuel Galea, Senior Director Software Development at HWS. “For example, the key unique selling point of our single sign-on, the integration of third-party authenticator apps, is directly attributable to customer feedback. Since many services already supported two-factor authentication with third-party providers such as Google or Microsoft Authenticator, our customer wanted to continue using them – while benefiting from the convenience of a single sign-on. Therefore, we designed DoubleClue MyApplications so that these solutions could also be included when setting up single sign-on to ensure a fully automated and highly secure sign-on process.”

DoubleClue meets OWASP standards

DCEM 2.5 complies with the latest OWASP standards such as support for Content Security Policy (CSP) and protection against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). HWS Gruppe thus offers companies an answer to the new challenges resulting from the increasing digitalization of the economy.

Automations simplify administration

In addition to DoubleClue MyApplications, DCEM 2.5 offers further improvements in automating processes for users and administrators. The most decisive innovation is the group-based rights management, which replaces the role-based model. This significantly reduces the administration effort when onboarding new employees and implementing new systems.

The most important new features in DCEM 2.5

The DoubleClue identity protection solution is available on-premises or in the German cloud.

About HWS Informationssysteme GmbH

HWS Gruppe offers its customers comprehensive IT services, software development, and consulting, especially in the areas of IT infrastructure, cloud operations, and identity protection. More than 150 employees from Neustadt an der Aisch (Middle Franconia) and the nearshore delivery center in Malta support both DAX corporations and upper mid-sized companies in holistic IT projects. Thanks to a progressive and demanding service approach, we have been convincing customers as a reliable and close partner for more than 20 years.

Our comprehensive IT security solution “DoubleClue” provides companies worldwide with secure identity and access management as well as a strong multifactor authentication solution.

Learn more about us and our services and software products at hws-gruppe.de & doubleclue.com.


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