Preventing Data Attacks

Data attacks cause enormous damage to affected companies – not only financially but also in terms of reputation. About three quarters of German companies are affected by data attacks.

Besides security gaps in programmes and networks, there is another weak point in IT security: the human factor. Our Identity & Access Management secures you at all levels. In addition to providing the software, we analyse your existing infrastructure to ensure quick and easy integration – whether on prem or in the cloud. Our team trains you and your employees during the rollout, provides support and implements requests, suggestions for improvement and even new features quickly and tailor-made in our own development team.

Identity Security made in Germany

DoubleClueWith our Identity and Access Management tool DoubleClue, you protect the one component in your business that firewalls and virus scanners don’t take into account – the human factor. Identity security, password management and secure cloud storage protected by adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA). On-site or in the cloud.