DoubleClue—Version 2.4.2 for Android available

A new version for Android is available for the DoubleClue identity security app, which can be downloaded now in the Google Play Store.

The latest version 2.4.2. comes with a new design that once again increases the user experience. In addition to an improved user interface, it also adds some new features that make the app faster and easier to use.

What’s new in DoubleClue 2.4.2 for Android

New Design

For the new version, we have completely overhauled the design and focused entirely on improving the user experience. We’ve gone for a modern look with much more streamlined layouts that make the app even more intuitive to use.


With the new Autofill feature, you can now conveniently insert your passwords and login credentials directly from your PasswordSafe into apps and homepages (supported from Android 9).


In the new version, we provide a tutorial for new users: This explains the most important functions of the app.

You can also find more about DoubleClue under the Products tab or on the DoubleClue homepage.