Protect your data and digital infrastructure by ensuring that the right people have access to the right data. DoubleClue combines modern Identity & Access Management with state of the art multi-factor authentication (MFA), an integrated password manager and a high security cloud. Import users directly from your Active Directory and assign access rights to different services, access networks and groups via easy-to-manage policies.


Digital identity security
DoubleClue protects the component of your business that is not covered by firewalls and virus scanners – the human factor, the most vulnerable part in any IT security.

All in one
All digital accesses and applications, passwords and confidential data protected by a strong all-in-one platform.

New work
In the digital working world, employees demand maximum flexibility. Enable them to work from anywhere with any device without compromising their IT security.

On premise or as a service
Get the full service package in the German cloud or keep your data on your own infrastructure – it’s up to you.

IT Security Made in Germany

With continuing digitalisation, IT security is becoming an increasingly important issue. Cyber attacks, data theft, malware and viruses not only cost companies time and reputation. Every year, an average of € 72,000 in damage is caused to German companies by digital threats*. DoubleClue secures your data and infrastructure and protects in particular those components that are not covered by firewalls and virus scanners: the human factor. The integrated PasswordSafe also allows easy handling of secure passwords for services and logins For more information, visit

*Source: This comes from the current Cyber Readiness Reports 2020 of the specialist insurer Hiscox:


  • 8 different authentication methods
  • Android & iOS app
  • Azure, AD and LDAP synchronisation
  • PasswordSafe: Password management with MFA
  • CloudSafe: High security cloud
  • Credential Provider for Windows
  • Single sign-on
  • RADIUS, OpenID, SAML and REST Integration