Backup and Restore

/IT Operations

Data backup and recovery is the essential process of backing up data in the event of a loss and setting up security systems that allow recovering the needed data. It is extremely important to plan, simulate and practice disaster recovery situations that will protect the business from experiencing downtime and revenue loss in case if unexpected problem/ disaster triggers a major service outage.

Backup is necessary since any hardware has a limited lifespan and data can be lost due to hardware failures. And of course, data can also be corrupted or encrypted by the introduction of so-called malware so that you lose access to it. And data loss leads to loss of time and productivity.


Increase the data availability

Nowadays no company should afford the risk of having downtime because it affects the business and results in revenue loss. Regardless of the root cause is a system crash or a human mistake the only thing which counts is if a backup is in place or not and having a backup (data, server, or a virtual machine) allows the business to run and avoid revenue loss.

If personal data is affected by a data breach, you could also run the risk of a GDPR compliance issue. With a transparent and secure backup and recovery program, we can protect you from this in the best possible way.


An important server hosting FTP Environment serving more than 1000 FTP user accounts did not come online after the regular monthly patching, having a backup in place, allowed us to restore the server withing the planned downtime and avoiding any loss of time, money, and data.


  • Backup solutions for virtual and physical servers
  • Disaster recovery for virtual and physical servers
  • Bare metal protection
  • Reporting
  • Backing up to a service provider
  • Backing up to a cloud


  • Commvault
  • Dell EMC Networker
  • Dell EMC Avamar
  • Veeam B