Deutscher Botschafter besucht HWS Technologies

Ambassador Haßmann praises the German-Maltese success story of HWS

German ambassador’s visit to HWS partner in Malta highlights the international partnership between Germany and Malta

Neustadt a. d. Aisch, The HWS Group has maintained a close partnership with HWS Technologies in Malta since 2018. Last week, Walter Haßmann, German Ambassador to Malta, and Olaf Rieck, Head of the Economic Section of the German Embassy, visited the HWS partner at its headquarters in Balzan. The visit focused especially on the further growth strategy of both companies as well as the expansion of local and international relations of the Maltese partner company.

Of particular interest to Haßmann was the success story of how the cooperation between the German and Maltese companies succeeded and continues to succeed. An important basis here is the similar business mentality of both nations. In addition to the successful establishment of the company and the profitable partnership, the strategic and bureaucratic hurdles in setting up the company were also a topic. Walter Haßmann particularly addressed the possibilities of how the German Embassy can best support companies in establishing international partnerships. “In addition to networking, continuous training is the key to the success of our companies,” emphasized Bernd Scheurer, CEO of the HWS Group. “The IT industry is very mutably, so it needs companies that bring an equally agile mindset. This is the only way to successfully meet the requirements of customers and the constantly changing markets. In addition, motivation, specialization and diversity play a key role. I am immensely proud to say that my team brings exactly this to the table.”

Today, the HWS Group team is represented by more than 26 nationalities. “It is precisely this internationality combined with strong local ties – both in Neustadt a. d. Aisch, Germany and in Balzan, Malta – that make HWS the perfect partner for internationally oriented customers in the SME and enterprise sector,” says Glenn Galea, Chief Sales Officer at HWS.

For the HWS Group, the most important result of the joint exchange is the newly established contact through Rieck with the Chamber of Commerce in Malta. As an active member of the entrepreneurial network “Forum for Young Entrepreneurs under 40”, Galea will actively shape the strategic direction of the partnership and drive the growth of both companies.

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